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A bright name in the industry to source Mixing Blades, Sealing Cover and Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance and Repairing Services is Aces Concreting Equipment Solutions LLP...

About Us

The backbone of our Kerala, India settled company, Aces Concreting Equipment Solutions LLP is our vendor base. Being a trader and supplier, we carefully choose our vendors as we rely upon them for sourcing all the products we offer our customers. Our range of products includes Mixing Blades, Industrial Concrete Pump Piston Ram, Sealing Cover, Hydraulic Filter and more of superior quality. We also work as a service provider and render Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance and Repairing Services; Transit Mixer Maintenance and Repairing Services; etc., to our customers at affordable prices. We provide our employees training on regular time intervals to polish their skills as per prevailing technologies. Moreover, we have established a large distribution network that sprawls across the nation and helps us reach our customers without any hassle. For this reason; we are looked upon as a reliable business partner.

Warehousing Facility

There’s no denying to the fact warehousing is one of the founding pillars of logistic management system. And, since we are into trading business, we have to get our logistic managing game stronger. This is why; we have established a capacious warehousing facility at our company, that is outfitted with all the resources required to well-perform the warehousing operations. For instance, CCTV cameras, telephones, desktops, storage racks, material moving equipment, etc. We are also assisted by a team of warehousing personnel who keep a check over all the inventory management. Supported by all the non-human and human resources, we are known to store our sourced Hydraulic Filter, Pipe Cleaning Ball, etc., in the best condition until delivery.

Core Values

Our core values are the foundation of this company. Therefore, all the employees of our company strictly adhere by these-
  • Responsibility- All the members of our team understand their responsibility of completing the tasks (assigned to them) on time. Thus, they never disappoint us. 
  • Transparency- We always maintain transparency in our business deals to gain our customers’ trust.
  • Positivity- We aim to maintain a positive work environment because working in a stress-free environment enhances the productivity of employees.
  • Satisfied customers- The primary objective of our company has always been to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing them quality Sealing Cover and Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance and Repairing Services.

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